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Screen scene

Baby Boy and I often go to the Mommy/Baby movies at the local theatres. I love them because (A) it’s a chance to get out of the house, (B) I love watching movies, and (C) it’s a chance to get out of the house.… Continue Reading “Screen scene”

Five activities my baby is loving right now …

Four months, 1 week, 1 day oldFive activities my baby is loving right now … Splashing me while he’s in his tub — HARD splashes that soak my clothes, the mirror, and the walls! Lying on his stomach and pretending to sleep while you… Continue Reading “Five activities my baby is loving right now …”

The road to sweet dreams

When I did my “Day in the life” post, the evening part wasn’t really reflective of a typical day around here. Darling Husband works most evenings, and he happened to be home that night, so it wasn’t the usual way I go about putting… Continue Reading “The road to sweet dreams”

You know you’re a parent when …

… you pick up your husband at work, begin driving home, hit traffic, immediately begin going a different route, hit traffic, and then choose a THIRD route … … all so that the car will ALWAYS BE MOVING and the baby will STAY ASLEEP… Continue Reading “You know you’re a parent when …”

Mommy confession …

I often dress like Baby Boy without (consciously) realizing it. You would think this would be hard to do. Sure, moms and daughters can dress alike pretty easily. But for a mom to dress like her son? Um, yes. It’s very possible. I put… Continue Reading “Mommy confession …”