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The ABCs of TTC

While Googling around looking for information on TTC (trying to conceive), I came across something that stumped me. “BD.” What the hell was “BD”? I figured out pretty quickly that it meant sex, but WHAT did it stand for? Bumpin’ Uglies Duglies? After a… Continue Reading “The ABCs of TTC”

The month of three (THREE!) big fat negatives

How do you get three negative pregnancy tests in one month?A. You are impatient B. You love taking tests, so you jump at each chanceC. You are stubborn, and don’t believe tests (when they’re wrong)D. You have a stupid irregular cycle that confuses youE.… Continue Reading “The month of three (THREE!) big fat negatives”

Two years later …

I can’t believe it was exactly two years ago — January 1, 2009 — that I wrote my very first post on this blog. I was obsessed — OBSESSED! — with getting pregnant and starting a family. I started this blog, in fact, because I desperately… Continue Reading “Two years later …”

How did I know? Well, I didn’t …

Monday, September 28, 2009 4 WEEKS, 1 DAY PREGNANT I am like a blog archeologist, going through posts for the month of September, trying to glean any insight on how it felt to be pregnant for those first four weeks. Unlike other months, I… Continue Reading “How did I know? Well, I didn’t …”

Fingers crossed

I am not one to get carried away with “potential symptoms.” Ahem. But if I were one of those people to get carried away, I may have noticed … I am super nauseous this morning. Right now, in fact. I am not craving chocolate… Continue Reading “Fingers crossed”