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Cloth diapering two kids? No problem

When people find out that both D and C wear cloth diapers, they are often curious. To people unfamiliar with cloth, they think it sounds like a ton of work — and that cloth-diapering two babies must be an INSANE amount of work. But in… Continue Reading “Cloth diapering two kids? No problem”

Five things about having two kids in cloth diapers

You are very, very, very grateful to stop buying tiny disposables for your newborn. Do you know how many diapers they go through in a day? #holycrapalot! When you wash a load of diapers, it somehow feels more rewarding to have more diapers in… Continue Reading “Five things about having two kids in cloth diapers”

Not Me Monday: Diaper rash edition

I was not totally smug about Baby Boy never really having a diaper rash. Except THAT ONE TIME he was teething, and it was no biggie, because like, he’s cloth-diapered, and they don’t really GET rashes, so, yeah … My smugness did not totally come back… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday: Diaper rash edition”

From cloth to ‘sposies: "It’s like switching from underwear to just taping a piece of Kleenex down there."

Yes, it’s true. I have temporarily stopped using cloth diapers. *Cue sad music* As long as we’re living with my mom, we will be using Pampers. Our beloved BumGenius diapers are packed away in storage. Sitting in a plastic crate where their cuteness will… Continue Reading “From cloth to ‘sposies: "It’s like switching from underwear to just taping a piece of Kleenex down there."”

Pampers, I owe you one …

I hate admitting defeat — or admitting I’m wrong — but … … Damn it, Pampers, I owe you an apology. Yes, you are thin. Yes, you have a funny powder-y smell. Yes, you are covered with prints of licensed characters. Yes, you feel like a… Continue Reading “Pampers, I owe you one …”