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The Most Dramatic Flu Shot Ever, and Why Older Kid Tantrums are the Absolute Worst

Just when you think you’ve moved into a comfortable stage of life when no one is likely to start shrieking in the mall or make a sudden pee-puddle on the floor of the grocery store, a whopping dose of parental embarrassment will smack you… Continue Reading “The Most Dramatic Flu Shot Ever, and Why Older Kid Tantrums are the Absolute Worst”

When your child hurts your feelings

“I want to leave the family,” he mumbled without meeting my eyes. Six little words felt like six sharp punches to my stomach. He was lying on his bed, staring off into the distance while I sat on the edge and tried to process… Continue Reading “When your child hurts your feelings”

When your kids tag-team

Tag-teaming used to be a good thing. Remember Tag Team’s awesome song, Whoooomp! (There It Is)? I totally loved that song. Still do. (Sidenote: I was 10 when the song came out in 1993, and thought the lyrics were actually “Whooomp! Bad ass! Whooomp!… Continue Reading “When your kids tag-team”

Overwhelmed by one, fearful of two

I have raging heartburn, my back hurts, and I kind of feel like I’m going to throw up, but I just had to get this blog published. I don’t want to forget how I’ve felt for the last week or so, because I suspect… Continue Reading “Overwhelmed by one, fearful of two”

When you’re at odds over crying …

The toddler recently had a bad night. We’ve gotten spoiled, I suppose, with him sleeping peacefully from 8:30 p.m. until 7:30 or 8 a.m. Granted, it did take THIRTEEN MONTHS of horrible sleeping (and the end of breastfeeding) to get to that point. But now… Continue Reading “When you’re at odds over crying …”