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Quilts from baby clothes

DIY baby clothes quilt {Heather's Handmade Life}

This project has been sponsored by Atlantic Fabrics’ six locations across Nova Scotia, including the newest store on Parkland Drive. Back in January I wrote about how I’d finally decided to purge the (very large) plastic bins of “special” baby clothing in our closets.… Continue Reading “Quilts from baby clothes”

I’ve gone full von Trapp

It started with a set of curtains.  I sewed them a couple of years ago for my sister’s living room, back when I made that custom upholstered headboard for her bedroom.  (I couldn’t resist doing the living room as well, with some simple curtains… Continue Reading “I’ve gone full von Trapp”

Mom confession: I suck at buying boots

I think I’m a pretty good parent. But there’s one area in particular that I’m a complete failure — and it’s to do with my children’s boots. I mean, they have boots. It’s not like they’re freezing in a pair of sneakers all winter.… Continue Reading “Mom confession: I suck at buying boots”

Do you really need ALL of those "meaningful" baby clothes?

You can never have too many nicely-organized storage bins, right? Especially when they’re storing the most precious thing of all — memories! What about those bins of baby clothes, though? I’d limited myself to one bin per child, but they were really big bins.… Continue Reading “Do you really need ALL of those "meaningful" baby clothes?”

How to make your jeans fit perfectly (when you have a big butt)

I’ve been big-butted my whole life. In my mom’s side of the family we lovingly call it the Watson Rear. I used to be embarrassed about my big butt, especially when I think about all of the REALLY UNFLATTERING high-waisted mom jeans I wore… Continue Reading “How to make your jeans fit perfectly (when you have a big butt)”