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Living that #AmQuerying life

Writing the novel? I’m starting to learn that’s the easy part. I finished writing and editing my first Women’s Fiction novel in July of 2020, and started the querying process. (For non-writer types, that’s when you pitch your book to literary agents in the hope of… Continue Reading “Living that #AmQuerying life”

What’s up next? My novel!

I was really starting to make it a habit to work on my novel every possible chance. In early March, I hit 100,000 words. And then the pandemic hit.

When moms make time for dreams

I can scroll through years of photos, and the same ones keep showing up. Badly-lit, boring pictures of laptops. Sometimes it’s a laptop sitting on my knees, with taekwondo classes or dance practices happening in the background. Other times, it’s a laptop sitting on… Continue Reading “When moms make time for dreams”

Breaking the (work) cycle

I’ve been going through a strange period professionally, lately. Sometimes I can’t even believe how much things have changed in the last almost-six years since I started freelancing. I barely remembering longing to line up work and hustling to fill my time with assignments.… Continue Reading “Breaking the (work) cycle”

Slogging towards the finish line

The novel … is coming along. I was killing it all through the fall, hitting 50,000 words in November and 65,000 words just 12 days later.  Then Christmas came along and sidetracked me, and I found it hard to get back into the groove… Continue Reading “Slogging towards the finish line”