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Teaching kids to fall asleep

Helping a baby fall asleep usually involves a pretty steady routine: a warm bath, a cosy sleeper, a soothing story, some milk and a few lullabies. Helping a toddler fall asleep means helping them brush their teeth, wrangling them into their PJs, answering numerous… Continue Reading “Teaching kids to fall asleep”

What’s the “right” bedtime for kids?

Our kids are almost two years apart but have always had the same bedtime. It’s easier on us that way and the Berenstain Bears do it so it must be OK.

The mom with the earliest bedtime

Once I’m upstairs, the feeling of comfortably settling under the sheets, pulling up the quilts and closing my eyes is magical. I often think, in fact, that I should have come up to bed — or put my phone down — half an hour earlier.

When your child sleepwalks

Let me tell y’all a funny story about sleepwalking.  (Yes, I’m a Southerner when I blog, despite living in cold-ass Nova Scotia.) I try not to (really) embarrass our kids with my writing (sort of) (most of the time) so I’ll keep this story… Continue Reading “When your child sleepwalks”

Why puppies are like newborns

Despite the potty breaks and the accidents and the constant supervision and correcting, puppies are the perfect “third baby.”