I spent YEARS writing about trying to conceive + pregnancy. It was basically ALL I thought about for a long time, and it’s all chronicled right here on the blog for those of you who are still in “baby mode” (or just “dreaming-of-babies mode.”)

Baby fever 

Stalking other people’s babies
When everyone is waiting for you to get pregnant
The loud ticking of your biological clock
Being nervous to tell your family you’re baby-obsessed
Keeping it a secret from your friends and colleagues
Songs about pregnant / trying to conceive
Wanting a baby desperately
Seriously, babies are all I can think about!

Trying to conceive

Going off the birth control pill
The A-B-Cs (lingo) of trying to conceive
Getting disappointed over negative pregnancy test
Getting pregnant the Catholic way
When fortune cookies predict your future
When you feel guilty about eating like shit while TTC
Songs about pregnant / trying to conceive
Baby-making basics (including myths + facts)

Super-early pregnancy

When you’re preggers and don’t even know it
The earliest possible pregnancy symptoms (the first time around)
Top 10 early pregnancy signs
Early pregnancy symptoms (the second time around)

Morning sickness (all-day sickness)

How to curb morning sickness (a.k.a. All Day Sickness)
Six ways to reduce morning sickness
What you can eat when everything makes you feel sick
Got morning sickness? Drink up that fresh air, girl!
Smoothies and ice cream = early pregnancy diet

The, uh, joys of being pregnant

The Big List of Pregnancy No-Nos
The absolute best pregnancy calendar on the internet
What types of skincare to avoid while pregnant
How to cure a headache when you can’t take three Advil
How to cure heartburn when you feel like your chest is on fire
How to boost your iron when your baby is sucking it out of you
How to eat healthy while you’re knocked up

All through the trimesters

First Second Third
Week 1 Week 14 Week 27
Week 15 Week 28
Week 16 Week 29
Week 17 Week 30
Week 18 Week 31
Week 19 Week 32
Week 20 Week 33
Week 21 Week 34
Week 22 Week 35
Week 23 Week 36
Week 24 Week 37
Week 25 Week 38
Week 39
Week 40

Follow along, month by month

My First Pregnancy

My Second Pregnancy


April 2012 (Month 9)

First pregnancy milestones

Second pregnancy milestones

Labour & Delivery

My first baby, D
Part 1: Early labour
Part 2: Active labour
Part 3: Transition/Pushing
Part 4: C-section


My second baby, C

My scheduled C-section

Looking back on both

Emergency C-section versus scheduled C-section
Do you ever forget the pain of labour?

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