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I gave my five-year-old an iPhone … but let me explain

When I upgraded to my iPhone 6 earlier this year, I gave my five-year-old my old iPhone 4S … and I’ve been feeling judged about it ever since. Every time my son announces his new toy in public, I feel like interjecting with “Um,… Continue Reading “I gave my five-year-old an iPhone … but let me explain”

My ever-changing morning routine

If there’s anything that is constantly amazing me about having kids, it’s that things never stop changing and evolving — things they do, things you do, routines to adjust. When the toddler was a month or two old, I would shower and do my… Continue Reading “My ever-changing morning routine”

More, more, more!

Just an FYI: my toddler? Total genius and American Sign Language savant. During dinner at Darling Husband’s parents’ place on Friday night, he was being carried around by one of his aunts. They called me into the kitchen because he was “signing something.” I… Continue Reading “More, more, more!”

Tips for throwing your baby’s first birthday party

Keep things as easy as possible for YOU, the mom/hostess. When I was planning Baby Boy’s party, I heard some peeps of “What about the coffee and tea?” and “You have to have coffee and tea!” I chose not to, and I was VERY… Continue Reading “Tips for throwing your baby’s first birthday party”

It’s Baby Signing Time

I need to meet a deaf friend. Seriously. You know why? Because I am KICKING ASS at American Sign Language! Remember when I bought those flash cards a few months back, and tried to teach Baby Boy some signs? They totally didn’t work (damn impulse buy),… Continue Reading “It’s Baby Signing Time”