Mommy confession …

I often dress like Baby Boy without (consciously) realizing it.

You would think this would be hard to do. Sure, moms and daughters can dress alike pretty easily. But for a mom to dress like her son?

Um, yes. It’s very possible.

I put him in a yellow onesie, and then I put on a yellow top. I put him in royal blue, and then I put on a royal blue T-shirt. On one particularly scary occasion, I had dressed him in green and blue stripes, and then I put on a green and blue striped shirt.

I never seem to realize what I’ve done until we are about to walk out the front door, but when I do, I kind of like it! And I definitely don’t change. I think I get a weird satisfaction out of it.

Hmm, I’ve heard of Dad-and-Lad suits. Maybe I should invent Mommy-and-Son outfits?

So what do you think?

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