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All signs point to yes

Signs I have learned by teaching Baby Boy sign language: Milk More Eat Drink Water Boy Sleep Bath Baby Airplane (that one’s not very useful, is it?) Signs Baby Boy has learned so far: … NONE! Can other babies seriously sign??? Why doesn’t mine???  Yes,… Continue Reading “All signs point to yes”

Spying on your baby

I get a lot of enjoyment out of spying on my baby. Babies do cute things when they know you’re watching them. But they seem to do even CUTER things when they think they’re all alone. About a month ago, I put Baby Boy… Continue Reading “Spying on your baby”

How to make pizza for babies … yes, pizza … for babies …

Start by making pizza for yourself, and leaving a little triangle sauce-free … Add cheese to the rest of the pizza Take the teensiest drop of sauce imaginable and wipe it across the baby slice … Cut one slice of pepperoni into the teensiest… Continue Reading “How to make pizza for babies … yes, pizza … for babies …”

How to enjoy a meal out in a restaurant … with your baby

We all dislike “those” children. The ones who scream in restaurants and jump on the bench seats and throw things and cry … while we, the other patrons, are trying to enjoy our meal. I feel very strongly that I don’t want any of… Continue Reading “How to enjoy a meal out in a restaurant … with your baby”

Mommy confession …

The other day, I started letting my five-and-a-half-month-old watch Treehouse. Just like 15 or 20 minutes a day, when I desperately need to send a freelance invoice or respond to an e-mail. He has always LOVED TV, and he is especially fixated by these… Continue Reading “Mommy confession …”