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’twas The Night Before Christmas: A Modern Tale Of Sticky, Frazzled Parenthood

’Twas the night before Christmas,and parents were frazzled.Preparing to make sure, their children were dazzled. With the Amazon boxes,all piled by the door.Free shipping was more tempting,than the crowds at the store. With snackies and sweats,and some wine (just a twinge).We had just settled… Continue Reading “’twas The Night Before Christmas: A Modern Tale Of Sticky, Frazzled Parenthood”

All patched up out

I am writing this blog post with my eyes held open by toothpicks. I am writing it now for posterity, so I never forget how tired I am at this moment. We have been trying to get to a local pumpkin patch/farm/corn maze for,… Continue Reading “All patched up out”

You know you’re a mom when …

… You have favourite characters in your toddler’s favourite TV shows (I’m looking at you, Oona, Bert, and Scott) … … aaaaand you maybe get a little bit RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED when you Tweet one of your favourite characters, and they reply (and then re-Tweet you… Continue Reading “You know you’re a mom when …”

The path of destruction

I’ve always made fun of Darling Husband for leaving a “path of destruction” throughout our condo. If he’s been home, I can literally enter a room and say, “Oh … Darling Husband, I see you re-heated some pizza,” (baggie on counter, dirty plate on… Continue Reading “The path of destruction”

You know you are a mommy when …

… your baby is eating a perfect-looking plate of fresh carrots and brocolli — all carefully steamed and pureed with your own hands — and you are eating … a bowl of soggy Shredded Wheat.