Tiny toys taking over

Tiny toys taking over {Heather's Handmade Life}

Remember how Shopkins were super popular and parents were always complaining about spending $5 for a rubber avocado the size of a thumbnail? Well, Shopkins were only the beginning of the miniature craze, it seems.

Tiny toys taking over {Heather's Handmade Life}
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Our daughter is about to turn seven, which feels frighteningly old because she’s our baby. She didn’t want anything in particular for her birthday and said she’d be happy with anything we chose.

Can you imagine?

No, for real, she took my husband to Walmart and proceeded to point to a bunch of toys and asked him to snap photos of it all for “ideas.”

When he showed me the photos, I rolled my eyes. It was all just so … junky. It was like she’d haphazardly pointed to anything with the words “glitter,” “unicorn,” “slime,” “poop” or “cotton candy.” Even my husband, who’d been there in person, agreed she hadn’t put much thought into her ideas.

However …

Tiny toys taking over {Heather's Handmade Life}
Tiny toys taking over {Heather's Handmade Life}

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Stuffed animal zoo re-do

DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo {Heather's Handmade Life}

The more time I spend making things for our home, the more I realize nothing stays the same. Kids grow, needs shift, tastes change, trends pass and what once felt beautiful or functional can suddenly stop being either.

Longtime readers may remember that three years ago, my handy husband and I built a wooden stuffed animal “zoo” with bungee cording as the bars. I’d painted it red with white letters that spelled out OUR ZOO, and it did a great job of keeping the stuffed animals neatly in one place. It also doubled as a nightstand for our son.

DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo {Heather's Handmade Life}
The original stuffed animal zoo

Over time, however, that poor zoo took a beating. The kids and their friends kept climbing inside during rounds of hide-and-seek so it was getting pretty wobbly, and the top was covered with pencil scribbles. (Note to children: don’t include your own name in your graffiti if you don’t wish to be identified.)

DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo {Heather's Handmade Life}

Our son is almost nine and doesn’t care for stuffed animals, so I decided it was time to move the zoo to our daughter’s bedroom. (She uses stuffies as students when she plays school.)

But first, it needed to be, uh, “sturdied up.”

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DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo {Heather's Handmade Life}

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DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo {Heather's Handmade Life}
DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo Tutorial {Heather’s Handmade Life}

DIY hockey picnic table with CRAFTSMAN®

Yayyyyy! Today’s the day!

I can finally reveal the two very special projects I worked on for CRAFTSMAN® and the #CRAFTSMANCUPCONTEST.

Project #1 is a child-sized picnic table with a DIY hockey theme, in celebration of the upcoming 2019 Memorial Cup in Halifax.

DIY Hockey Picnic Table For Kids {Heather's Handmade Life}

I’m sharing the full tutorial for the DIY hockey picnic table over on CraftsmanCupContest.ca, so head over for a list of materials and step-by-step instructions.

DIY Hockey Picnic Table For Kids {Heather's Handmade Life}

While you’re there, enter the CRAFTSMAN® Cup contest for a chance to win a VIP Memorial Cup experience.

The grand prize is four tickets to the 2019 Memorial Cup Championship Game presented by Kia on May 26, and a V.I.P. behind-the-scenes experience — plus airfare, hotel accommodations, CRAFTSMAN® tools and swag, a prepaid Visa and a RONA gift card.

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