When your antidepressants backfire

The decision to start taking antidepressants is huge (it shouldn’t be, but that’s a rant for another day) so it’s kind of funny that the decision to CHANGE your meds routine is sometimes even more monumental. Like, didn’t you already take the big step?

Nope. Change is scary, especially when you’re talking about little pills that change your brain chemistry. Brains are not a thing to be messed around with!

The thing is, you wonder if a change might make things worse. You’ve seen the (ugly) “before,” and what if you’re sent back there? What if you’re zoomed to a dimension that’s even worse? Maybe you should leave well enough alone, or … yeah. It’s weird.

My foray into the world of antidepressants has been pretty basic. I get a lot of private messages about what I’m on and how much I’m taking, so let’s spell it all out here in case someone is too shy to ask. Hooray for TALKING ABOUT IT AND/OR READING ABOUT IT!

When I first made the decision to start them, it was the summer of 2015. (Can’t remember if it was July or August — I know there was T-ball because I remember being especially miserable at the T-ball field.)

My family doctor suggested sertraline and it sounded good to me. Gentle! Popular! It’s what little kids can take!

I started taking 25mg (one yellow pill) each day, and then added a second 25mg after a month. I think I stuck with three pills (total of 75mg) for a while, and at some point I/he/we decided to up it to a full 100mg — replacing my three yellow 25mg pills with one big fatty orange (100ml) pill.

And that’s exactly where I stayed for a long time.

#TBT to when a DOCTOR SHAMED ME for taking antidepressants. Seriously. That happened!

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#MomConfession: I made a Minecraft mistake

#MomConfession: I made a Minecraft mistake

Want to hear a parenting lesson I never expected to learn? It’s to research a video game before you agree to let your child buy it.

I’m not talking about anything that’s clearly inappropriate, like Grand Theft Auto where they’re stealing cars and beating people up, or a war game where they’re taking down people with Uzis.

I’m talking about the seemingly innocent game of … Minecraft.

I’d been hearing about Minecraft for years, but I didn’t pay much attention since my kids weren’t old enough to get into it. It seemed weird and confusing. Everything’s made of cubes? And there’s a guy named Steve, who is also made of cubes?

I was surprised when our seven-year-old son was suddenly obsessed with the idea of having Minecraft here at home. During a desperate moment of boredom over Christmas break, I agreed he could spend $20 to buy an older version for the PS4.

After all, I reasoned, it’s probably like Lego. (SPOILER ALERT: It was not.)

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#MomConfession: I made a Minecraft mistake {Heather's Handmade Life}
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Fighting for good mental health in (UGH) January

The Christmas season has its own set of stresses and depressing points days weeks, but sometimes January can kick you in the crotch, too.

Judging from (A) my social media feeds, and (B) the real-life humans I interact with (mostly at the school bus stop because, hello, HERMIT GIRL), it seems there are two key ways to approach January …

Option 1: Yayyyy new year, new goals, gonna take on the world, yaaaaaas.

Option 2: January is bleak and so is my spirit, kinda.

2018 has NOT gotten off to a great start for our family, and there is something shitty about a “fresh new year” that starts off badly. It feels like a rip-off.

My mental health has been taking hits, so today’s post is all about REAL THINGS you can ACTUALLY DO if you’re feeling similarly during this cold, dark, uninspired month called January …

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