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She’s makin’ a list, she’s checkin’ it twice

In my former life — a.k.a. Before Baby, a.k.a. When I Had A Job — I used to be obsessed with to-do lists. I had a running list on my BlackBerry of “personal” to-dos (errands, etc.) and a series of very elaborate “professional” lists… Continue Reading “She’s makin’ a list, she’s checkin’ it twice”

Lessons from the Houdini school of parenting

How I got Baby Boy to sleep last night: A five-step method Held his arms by his sides Swaddled him Grabbed the end of the swaddle blanket and pulled it even tighter, to keep his arms from busting loose Held onto his knees and… Continue Reading “Lessons from the Houdini school of parenting”

Five things about taking a baby to a movie

I took Baby Boy to his first movie yesterday — a special Mommy/Baby showing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. It went really well, but … uh … here’s what I learned … There is a stroller “parking lot” in the hallway. When you naively… Continue Reading “Five things about taking a baby to a movie”

Riding in cars with boys a boy

Breaking news: I drove our car for the first time in more than FIVE WEEKS. Woohoo! Technically, I am not supposed to drive until Sunday — the official six-week point — but I was going completely stir-crazy have been feeling great for a while… Continue Reading “Riding in cars with boys a boy”

Sing’s the thing

Baby Boy responds really well to singing. I don’t know if it’s the rhythm or the repetition or what, but it almost always makes him stop crying or fussing. This is great news, because (A) I love to sing, and (B) I am totally… Continue Reading “Sing’s the thing”