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Going back

C was baptized on Sunday, at three months old. D was also baptized when he was three months old. But other than those occassions — and a few token Sundays leading up to them — as well as major religious holidays, Darling Husband and… Continue Reading “Going back”

Change of address

So we’re living with my mom. When I moved out at age 20, I thought it was for good. I was just starting my third year of university. Darling Husband (Darling “Boyfriend” at the time) and I found a craptastic little apartment in the… Continue Reading “Change of address”


You would THINK that since I blogged yesterday about Baby Boy behaving in public, that he’d actually prove me wrong and be a total angel. But no. Last night’s family gathering was … trying. Baby Boy had a too-short afternoon nap, which left him… Continue Reading “Obsessed”

Steppin’ out, with my baby

I’m going to a family gathering tonight over at Darling Husband’s parents’ place.Darling Husband will not be there because he is constantly working he has to work tonight. I love these kinds of get-togethers, for several reasons: I get out of the house I… Continue Reading “Steppin’ out, with my baby”

My first "mommy nightmare"

Before I became a mom, I had the usual sort of nightmares. Being chased, people breaking in at night, the girl from The Ring, evil clowns, etc. You know — normal stuff! Now? My dreams are much more G-rated but EVEN SCARIER. Last night… Continue Reading “My first "mommy nightmare"”