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Our home’s tried-and-true paint shades

A lot of people find picking a paint colour REALLY hard, but I can’t get enough of it.  That doesn’t mean I’m always choosing the RIGHT colour, of course. But I love the thrill of pawing through the different paint chips and brazenly deciding… Continue Reading “Our home’s tried-and-true paint shades”

Creative paint storage solutions

One of the best parts of my new laundry room / DIY studio is that I finally have ALL of my paint in one glorious, organized colour-coded spot! Before the studio, when the room looked like hell, I was storing our large paint cans… Continue Reading “Creative paint storage solutions”

Sure, you can paint your oil tank!

So our basement oil tank always looked like this …  Actually, it was more like this … And sometimes THIS … When I shared our laundry room makeover on Sunday, you might recall the oil tank was looking a LOT different … I knew… Continue Reading “Sure, you can paint your oil tank!”

I ordered a rug and now I’m freaking out

After what feels like years of pining after rugs and not being able to pull the trigger, I did it. I used birthday money + a healthy PayPal balance to buy this Verona Blue Area Rug on Wayfair. Isn’t she gorgeous? Yes, I jumped… Continue Reading “I ordered a rug and now I’m freaking out”

Creative storage nooks & crannies

As a journalist, I write a lot of stories. One of the best ways to guarantee you’re writing about something that interests you is to pitch stories, but I rarely have the time to sit down and drum up ideas. It’s all I can… Continue Reading “Creative storage nooks & crannies”