You would THINK that since I blogged yesterday about Baby Boy behaving in public, that he’d actually prove me wrong and be a total angel.

But no.

Last night’s family gathering was … trying. Baby Boy had a too-short afternoon nap, which left him in a very unpleasant mood. He cried. He pouted. He protested when family members held him. He was in a clingy mood, and just wanted me.

Flattering, yes, but mostly embarrassing. They all wanted to hold him! And he wanted none of it. I know babies can’t be “rude,” exactly, but … what is the baby version of rude? ‘Cause he was that.

So I had to hold him for most of the evening. Which made things like EATING very difficult. Not to mention socializing in general, when you have a baby glued to your face (he likes pressing his cheek against my cheek and then just … staying like that).

I know he needs to be less of a Mama’s Boy (although you know I love that, of course), but I don’t know how to do it. We spend practically every minute together, due to Darling Husband’s crazy work schedule.

When Darling Husband is around, I make a point to escape to the bath or go out by myself, so Baby Boy can spend quality time with his Da. But it’s just not enough time to make him less … Mommy-obsessed dependent on me.

Although, to be fair, I am just as obsessed with him. Being with a person (especially a little, squishy person) basically nonstop, every single day, makes you obsessed with them.

I think we need an intervention.

So what do you think?

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