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When control freak parents have to take a step back

You guys know that I am totally and completely OC about certain things (cluttered countertops, what the kids are wearing, etc.) and very laid-back about others (like caring if my sewing projects turn out exactly right … pssssst, they never do). I also hate… Continue Reading “When control freak parents have to take a step back”

The best present is a present you can eat

A lot of people do not like cooking (*raises both hands*). A lot of people don’t have time or energy to cook, especially when it’s just for themselves (I lived off frozen fries in my pre-kid days).  And when you’re an articled clerk at a law… Continue Reading “The best present is a present you can eat”

Learning how to love your kids (and husband) "their" way

I spent nine years studying French and four years studying American Sign Language, but by far the most useful language I’ve ever learned is how to be better about loving other people.  It all started when I was watching Dr. Phil in my early… Continue Reading “Learning how to love your kids (and husband) "their" way”

Attack of the 10-day virus

I’m afraid to type that I’m better now, for fear that it will … *looks over shoulder* … come back for me. But I have to tell you about the last 10 days* … *This post is totally not sponsored by Imodium, but they are welcome to send… Continue Reading “Attack of the 10-day virus”

Dogs + dreams

Before I had my first baby, and my second baby, there was another baby. A fur baby. She kept me company.She rode in a pink stroller.She was my kid-in-training.She was my snuggle buddy (even when my preggo body nearly crushed her)She walked me to the… Continue Reading “Dogs + dreams”