Steppin’ out, with my baby

I’m going to a family gathering tonight over at Darling Husband’s parents’ place.
Darling Husband will not be there because he is constantly working he has to work tonight.

I love these kinds of get-togethers, for several reasons:

  • I get out of the house
  • I get to have adult conversation
  • I love seeing Baby Boy interact with his cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and even great-grandparents
  • I get to eat dinner that I haven’t cooked
  • There is always dessert
  • They are thoughtful enough to provide caffeine-free tea for me
There is only one downside to these get-togethers: they happen in the evenings.
Evenings are tricky, and if you have a baby, you understand that. I get really nervous taking Baby Boy places after 6 p.m., because that’s when he starts to get tired and cranky. And I don’t want him to be tired and cranky in front of people, because … well, I want him to be cute and friendly in front of people!
It’s very touch-and-go, these dinners. Sometimes he’s an angel, and is smiling and happy right up to the 8 p.m.  mark. Then he starts to get a bit cranky, and POOF! We’re usually able to leave quickly, and he is tired but quiet during the ride home.
Other times, he’s crabby from 6 p.m. on. He doesn’t want to play with his cousins. He doesn’t want other people to hold me. He just wants me. And by the time we are getting a ride home — Darling Husband isn’t usually at these dinners, so Baby Boy and I are riding with my sister-in-law or brother-in-law — he’s screaming off and on. I hate inflicting that on other people, especially in the tight quarters of a car. I don’t want my baby to be the cause of people getting a headache!
I know that we’re talking about family, here, and that they aren’t going to think badly of Baby Boy (or me) for his crankiness. But I still find myself wanting him to be in a good mood, for all of our sakes. I find myself thinking that if he doesn’t behave, it reflects badly on me.
I have learned, though, that I can’t control how these evenings go. All I can do is make sure he naps well during the day, is well-fed, and bring along lots of milk and toys to keep him happy. I’m going to try to stop stressing out about this, and reminding myself that HE’S A BABY. Babies cry and fuss. No one is going to be too bothered by a little crying, especially considering that we’re out so close to his bedtime.
Am I the only one who feels anxious when their baby “doesn’t behave” in public? I’m trying to stop, really. But … oh, I just want him to behave in public!

One Comment on “Steppin’ out, with my baby

  1. i have a baby girl, almost 9 months old.
    I began reading your blog when i was pregnant with baby girl.
    I mostly read the posts of where 'we' are, so im reading your february posts (8-9 months)right now.
    Re to your post: I feel this way all the time about 'going out'. I would love to go to dinners with people, or night time outings, but i am so protective of her sleep, that i usually decline invites (then get upset when i dont get invited places…go figure). Anytime i have taken her out with us, she does fine, but i still get worried that she will start getting fussy and i'll look like a bad mommy. She is such a good baby, but i always seem to prepare for the worst, which i think is limiting. I am trying to relinquish control, and stop feeling so anxious. Now, if only people would invite us places again….


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