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Veggie tales

ME: Yeah, Little Sis came over while I was doing my weekly vegetable chop. I do it every Sunday evening. I take out carrots, celery, broccoli and green beans, and chop everything up, and make individual baggies of raw veggies …  *SILENCE* ME: …… Continue Reading “Veggie tales”

Holiday traditions

Happy Easter, my super-special, much-loved readers! I had a nice Easter with my mom and sis, and Darling Husband had a good time with the in-laws. We have always separated for the holidays, so that neither of us miss seeing our ‘rents and sibs. A lot… Continue Reading “Holiday traditions”

Half-way to 50 … or Sweet 16?

My little sister thinks I’m old. She also thinks I am a lot younger than her. You see, I am 25 — I would add “and-a-half” here, but that would make me sound seven — and she is 21. That’s only a four-year difference, but… Continue Reading “Half-way to 50 … or Sweet 16?”

Baby corn, baby shrimp … see a pattern?

Remember the episode of Full House when Rebecca tells Jesse she’s pregnant, and she makes that dinner of baby corn, baby shrimp, and baby back ribs? And then she eventually tells him through charades? Welllll, always the ones to get ahead of ourselves, Darling… Continue Reading “Baby corn, baby shrimp … see a pattern?”

Showing support for Team Preggo

Oh … my … God … After worrying and worrying over what her reaction would be, I finally carpe diem-ed and told my mother that we are going to try to get pregnant this summer. And … she … was … totally calm! I… Continue Reading “Showing support for Team Preggo”