My first "mommy nightmare"

Before I became a mom, I had the usual sort of nightmares. Being chased, people breaking in at night, the girl from The Ring, evil clowns, etc. You know — normal stuff!

Now? My dreams are much more G-rated but EVEN SCARIER.

Last night I dreamed that I left Baby Boy with my mother-in-law. When I came back, she accused me of not leaving any breastmilk in the fridge or freezer, and so she had to go buy some milk.

“But there’s tons of milk! It’s in the deep freeze! I told you that!” I sputtered. “Wait … what do you mean, you bought him some milk?”

Yeah, good ol’ mother-in-law had went out and bought homogenized milk and fed it to my 10-week-old! In my dream, of course, I totally lost it. “That could hurt him! They can’t have real milk until they’re ONE YEAR OLD!” I shrieked.

Then I thought to ask how she even got the milk. She replied that she took him in his carseat, without the base. “You can’t even strap it in without the base! You could have killed him!” I screamed.

Then, in the dream, I notice that Baby Boy is sucking away on a bottle of reddish stuff. “What’s he drinking???” I demanded.

“Cranberry juice.”

All I can say is THANK GOD THIS WAS A DREAM. I woke up extremely agitated and confused. Baby Boy was fussing, half-asleep, and I immediately picked him up and nursed him. “Poor baby,” I said sleepily. “She gave you real milk … and cranberry juice … Oh, my poor baby!”

So what do you think?

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