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Great expectations

Monday, March 29, 2010 30 weeks, 1 day pregnant You might remember that last week, just before my shower, that I was worried about how Darling Husband and I were going to buy the “big items” we need for the baby. Well, we figured… Continue Reading “Great expectations”

Back away from the belly

Friday, January 29, 2010 21 weeks, 5 days preggo Mother-in-law (rubbing my belly): Aww, look at the baby. Me: Yeah, it’s getting bigger! Mother-in-law: You know, by the end, you’re going to be out to here! (Gestures waaaaay out in front of me) Me:… Continue Reading “Back away from the belly”

Sorry, no vacancies

You know when you’re away from home, and after a while, you just reeeeally want to be at home and in your own bed? And eat your own food? And sit in front of the loving glow of your DVR? Well, I think being… Continue Reading “Sorry, no vacancies”

All in the family

Some extended families talk about the weather. Or sports. I wonder what that’s like … You see, Darling Husband’s auntie is in town, so last night we paid a visit to his parents’ place to see her. “I was talking with my friends the other… Continue Reading “All in the family”

A tale of two parties

Tonight, a bunch of work friends decided — right as we were all about to leave for the day — that they were going to go out for dinner and drinks.  It was totally spur-of-the-moment, and for them, it was the perfect plan, because …… Continue Reading “A tale of two parties”