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The family sleepover solution

I was in no rush to send my eldest for his first sleepover. He’s a homebody and he is especially fond of his bed — the same bed (sheets, pillow, blankets, everything) he’s had since he was a year old. He once cried before… Continue Reading “The family sleepover solution”

The ever-changing stages of punishment

“You used to give a lot of time outs.” “I did?” My sister was flipping through the photo books I make every year for the kids on their birthdays. She pointed to photo after photo with a toddler pouting on a little chair in… Continue Reading “The ever-changing stages of punishment”

Why half-birthdays are more fun than REAL birthdays

Why half birthdays are more fun than real birthdays {Heather's Handmade Life}

A kid’s birthday without any gifts to buy, invitations to create and mail, huge party to plan or guest list to wrangle? Yes, please! They’re called ‘half birthdays’ and they’re soooo much simpler than real birthdays. I’m quite a fan. Our son’s real birthday… Continue Reading “Why half-birthdays are more fun than REAL birthdays”

A very merry half-birthday

We started something new this week, and it’s celebrating half-birthdays! It’s one of those things I always enjoyed seeing on other blogs and kept *meaning* to do. And then I’d remember, like, weeks after the kids’ half-birthdays had passed. But then! I smartened up… Continue Reading “A very merry half-birthday”

Money, allowance, and paying extra for chores

“How about … $20 for the main level, $30 for the basement and $40 for upstairs?” our six-year-old son asked casually. I almost choked on my tea. Keep in mind, we were negotiating a reasonable rate for the “extra” chore of vacuuming — not… Continue Reading “Money, allowance, and paying extra for chores”