All signs point to yes

Signs I have learned by teaching Baby Boy sign language:

  • Milk
  • More
  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Water
  • Boy
  • Sleep
  • Bath
  • Baby
  • Airplane (that one’s not very useful, is it?)

Signs Baby Boy has learned so far:
  • … NONE!
Can other babies seriously sign??? Why doesn’t mine??? 
Yes, we are I am attempting to teach Baby Boy sign language. It all started when I witnessed the ADORABLENESS that was my friend C‘s son signing. His daycare teachers teach them signs, and he came over to our place one day and signed, “More!” to ask for a snack. SO FREAKING CUTE!
So, of course, my baby has to sign, too. Yes, I am just that crazy/competitive/copycatting. It was adorable, and I want mine to do it, too!
The trouble is that Baby Boy is not picking up any signs. He just sort of looks at me like an idiot as I go, “Do you want some WATER? *frantically signing* Some WATER? *more signing* Something to DRINK?” *more signing*

So far I just have a set of flashcards that I bought at Chapters for $5 on clearance. Maybe I shouldn’t be such a cheapskate and spend more on the DVDs that are so popular? Then will he sign? Dammit, I need someone to sign back! 
Maybe I’ll drive over to C‘s house and have a conversation with her baby. He understands me.

2 Comments on “All signs point to yes

  1. How long have you been signing with him for? It took a little bit for my daughter to pick up on the signs and you just have to be really, really adamant about it. Also, only start with a couple at a time (like more or milk). Otherwise they get confused. And I wouldn't waste money on DVDs. Either look stuff up online or check a book out of the library, if you really need another source.

    Good luck and keep at it! The results are so worth it!


  2. I'm signing with my daughter and she still doesn't sign back but we're getting there. If I sign drink she looks at her sippy cup. People say it takes a while but it'll happen when you're about to give up. The sign for “all done” is also a really useful one (I assume – as I said, we haven't got any signs back yet).


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