Spying on your baby

I get a lot of enjoyment out of spying on my baby.

Babies do cute things when they know you’re watching them. But they seem to do even CUTER things when they think they’re all alone.

About a month ago, I put Baby Boy down for a nap and left his room. After a few minutes, I could hear him grunting and mumbling to himself. Usually he’s either crying or sleeping in his crib, and that’s it, so I pushed the door open quietly and peeked inside.

OMG, cuteness! He was sitting up in his crib, facing the wall, playing with his socks. He yanked one off, sort of talked to it for a bit, and then tried to pull the other one off. Then he looked over at his crib aquarium, hit one of the buttons to start the music, and watched it for a bit — all the while making little sighs and whispers.

Sure, he was probably doing something un-cute like taking a crap, but it was freaking adorable to watch!

C once told me that her cute baby boy used to reach up towards his crib aquarium, hit one of the buttons, lie down, listen for a second, then decide he didn’t like that song. He’d sit up, smack the aquarium button again until he found a song he liked, and then curl up again and go to sleep. SO CUTE!

Am I the only one who spies on my baby?

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