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Baby, just run

I have been a freaking basketcase of stress lately, and it turns out that I’m not the only one. Minutes after some back-and-forth texting with Best Friend — she’s mega-stressed, too — I came across this post on Working Girl. She’s over-the-top stressed, too!… Continue Reading “Baby, just run”

Yes, we’re back … back again

Hello, bloggie friends! Darling Husband and I are back from our vacay. We had a great trip in the dazzling U.S. of A., ate at an amazing roadside diner, went to Carls Jr. (ahem, twice), and took tons of photos and video. As much… Continue Reading “Yes, we’re back … back again”

Who, me? Stressed? Who said I was stressed?

A few months ago, I was getting my hair done, and the stylist asked if I was usually a stressed-out person.  I actually laughed. It just seemed like such a funny question. Like, yes! Duh! How could you even ask that? But then I realized that not everyone would have… Continue Reading “Who, me? Stressed? Who said I was stressed?”

The winning weekend

I hate John Mayer.  Since I’m firmly planted on Team Aniston, he is dead to me. But I have kept him as a Twitter-pal, simply because I want to be the first to HUNT HIM DOWN if he dares to say anything about Jen. And… Continue Reading “The winning weekend”

Hypochondria is hitting hard

I’m trying not to be paranoid … … but someone at my office has it. You know. It. And he is here. That is quite different from someone in the same city having it. He is right here. I am a hypochondriac in the… Continue Reading “Hypochondria is hitting hard”