Category: Week 3

Songs about trying to conceive, pregnancy and babies

Over the past few months, I’ve started “collecting” songs about trying to conceive, pregnancy, and babies. Sometimes when you can’t stop thinking about something, it helps to listen to songs by people who are going through the same thing. Here’s a list of what… Continue Reading “Songs about trying to conceive, pregnancy and babies”

Frugal families

Nothing makes my day like finding a great new blog. I came across the Frugal Family Fun Blog this morning, and have been scouring over old posts like it’s my job! … Oh, wait, I am at my job. Oops. Here are a couple… Continue Reading “Frugal families”

One trend I’m keeping up with …

I have always been late to get on board with the current popular movie, book, food — anything. Always. I didn’t read Confessions of a Shopaholic until I’d endured about two years of people telling me what a fun book it is. I have… Continue Reading “One trend I’m keeping up with …”

A healthier alternative

I have said before that Pop-Tarts are my secret little “anti-depressant” at work. I keep a box in my desk, and when I feel like I’m going to explode, I toast one and eat it slowly. It’s a yummy treat that I would never… Continue Reading “A healthier alternative”

The case of the un-eaten Revello bar

Last night, while eating dinner, I wanted a Revello bar. Like really bad. I figured I would have one as soon as we’d finished dinner and cleaned up. But then I had my brilliant idea — I can hear Darling Husband groaning as he… Continue Reading “The case of the un-eaten Revello bar”