The winning weekend

I hate John Mayer. 
Since I’m firmly planted on Team Aniston, he is dead to me. But I have kept him as a Twitter-pal, simply because I want to be the first to HUNT HIM DOWN if he dares to say anything about Jen.
And the other day, he actually Twittered something that made a lot of sense …

Damn it. The man has a point. OK, let’s pretend he stole it. It’s a quote from someone else, and he is just repeating it. There, that’s better.
I adore weekends — who doesn’t? But lately, I have been feeling conflicted about how I’m spending them. They are just going by way too fast, and I feel like I’m not using them to their full potential.
To me, the ideal weekend is …

  • Relaxing – a respite from the crazy week you just had.
  • Productive – a time to catch up on the housework, so you feel prepared to handle the upcoming week
  • Fun – a time for enjoyment (especially stuff you don’t have time for during the week)
The problem is, my weekends only ever seem to be one of these! It never rains but it pours, when it comes to the scheduling of social events, timing of Hubby’s overtime, etc. I either have all the time in the world to myself, or none at all.
On the “relaxing” weekends where I am totally lazy — watch movies, watch the backlog of shows on the DVR, make crafts, write — I feel relaxed, but frustrated that I didn’t accomplish anything.

On the “productive” weekends where I’m a total warrior — do loads of laundry and dishes, scrub the bathrooms, vacuum, organize, clean closets, etc. — I’m happy I got it all done, but feel exhausted.

On the (rare) weekends when I’m Miss Social — go out after work on Friday night, shop on Saturday, have friends over on Saturday night, family dinner on Sunday — I’m glad I saw everyone and had fun, but cranky that I didn’t get any time alone to relax or do things I needed to do.
I think I need to make more of an effort to have balanced weekends. A bit of social, a bit of relaxing, and a bit of productivity. 
Because let’s face it — Mondays are not cool when you have no clean clothes, are totally exhausted, or are ready to kill for five minutes alone.

2 Comments on “The winning weekend

  1. I have the same feeling every Sunday night. This weekend, I was totally not social but got tons done and a little relaxing in. That makes for my best weekend. Although, I am becoming less fun because I never DO anything fun. Which I hate. So, yeah, I guess we both need to work on balance.


  2. Definitely. The Sunday night feeling is the worst — you can feel the weekend ending, and you feel like you didn’t make the best of it.


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