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Dizzy dizzy, in a tizzy

It’s been a rough few days. Baby Boy is getting up three or four times a night — I think it was … five? … last night. I have been cleaning like mad because TA-DA — we’re trying to sell the condo (more on that soon).… Continue Reading “Dizzy dizzy, in a tizzy”

She’s come undone …

… and the “she” is me. Last time we chatted, I gave you the lowdown on Baby Boy’s fifth month a.k.a. The Second Consecutive Month of Being Up Every Two Hours All Night Every Night. Yeah, every two hours (or more). All night. Every… Continue Reading “She’s come undone …”

He works (too) hard for the money

So you all know about Darling Husband and two jobs and his habit of working constantly incessantly all the freaking time really, really hard? And how he was going to cut back when the baby arrived, so he could, like, get to know the… Continue Reading “He works (too) hard for the money”

Adventures in breastfeeding

Adventures in breastfeeding: What the first week felt like {Heather's Handmade Life}

I’m glad I had mentally prepared for breastfeeding to be tough, because in the beginning, it really is. Like Omigod-this-is-awful kind of tough. Way more than I thought. Here’s a quick re-cap of the first week, for those of you who are considering breastfeeding.… Continue Reading “Adventures in breastfeeding”

A healthier alternative

I have said before that Pop-Tarts are my secret little “anti-depressant” at work. I keep a box in my desk, and when I feel like I’m going to explode, I toast one and eat it slowly. It’s a yummy treat that I would never… Continue Reading “A healthier alternative”