Who, me? Stressed? Who said I was stressed?

A few months ago, I was getting my hair done, and the stylist asked if I was usually a stressed-out person. 
I actually laughed. It just seemed like such a funny question. Like, yes! Duh! How could you even ask that?
But then I realized that not everyone would have answered with such a resounding “Yes!” Some people, when asked if they were stressed out, might reply, “No, not really.” Who are these people? And how come I’m not one?
You see, I have this career … and sometimes it makes me so stressed out, I can’t breathe. And I could be pregnant seven weeks from now. 
You see the problem, right?
This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. When you are stressing out over how much you are stressed out, you have a problem. Darling Husband is worried, too, that I will either lose the baby or bring the baby into a crazy high-stress zone.
So lately, I’ve been practicing … breathe in … and it’s all about … breathe out … zen … breathe in … Calm … breathe out …  You know, serenity.
  • I have been taking more breaks at work (thank God for my nearby haven)
  • I have been remaining calm when my colleagues are not so calm!
  • I have been trying to let go of the stupid things
  • I have been trying not to beat myself up when I mess something up
  • I have been trying not to lose my temper

It’s going pretty well. I have felt less stressed out over the last few weeks —  minus the Omigod-so-many-people-are-coming-over-and-everything-has-to-be-perfect backtrack.

Work has always been my biggest stresser, but lately it’s been a bit easier to just step back from the childish tantrums of other colleagues. To not let their kicking-and-screaming crap bother me the way it used to. 
As it creeps closer to Open Season, I’m getting more perspective on what’s really important … and what isn’t. And — like the smoothies — it’s way easier to do something, or stop doing something, when you have the best reason in the world.

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