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The Self-Employment Meltdown: Pre-Christmas edition

When I worked in an office, this would have been a fun time of year. Work would have been winding down before Christmas. There would be an office Christmas party — like, with actual people other than just me. There would be Secret Santa… Continue Reading “The Self-Employment Meltdown: Pre-Christmas edition”

Surviving the pre-Christmas chaos

I think the trick isn’t saying no to a bunch of things in an attempt to make the Christmas rush easier. I think the trick is acknowledging that December is INSANELY BUSY for EVERYONE, and trying to find tiny pockets of time to relax a little.

The changing face of blogging

Very recently — I won’t say exactly when, to cover my own rear — but very, very recently, I was super-angry. It wasn’t the kids. It wasn’t Darling Husband. It wasn’t a broken-down washing machine (ours hasn’t broken yet *crosses fingers and knocks on… Continue Reading “The changing face of blogging”

This day …

This day …   Began a full hour before I even got to sleep (which was 1 a.m.) because the baby had been crying and whining since 11 p.m. Continued on a rough path when D cried out at 3 a.m. Felt impossible when… Continue Reading “This day …”

Busy x 10,000,000

Life is going by so quickly these days.You know the expression, “There aren’t enough hours in the day”?SO freaking true! It feels like between taking care of Baby Boy — the world’s busiest little 10-month-old who is now RUNNING around the condo in this… Continue Reading “Busy x 10,000,000”