Baby, just run

I have been a freaking basketcase of stress lately, and it turns out that I’m not the only one.

Minutes after some back-and-forth texting with Best Friend — she’s mega-stressed, too — I came across this post on Working Girl. She’s over-the-top stressed, too!
The post was great, because I could totally relate, but I was especially intrigued by the comments. Almost every reader commented that they found exercise to be the best cure for the corporate blues.
I mulled that over while I chewed my cheesey lasagne — of course, I was carbo-loading while reading about exercise. You see, exercise and me have never been besties.
I had a good streak, about three years ago, when I was hitting up a special gym program four times a week. I was doing cardio, weights, you name it — and I was really getting into good shape. Then we moved away, and I’m not within walking distance of another gym. Boo!
Editor’s note: There is the small matter that I could take the bus to the gym, but that will not be happening. The bus is evil, and I take it enough already for work.
Anyway, moving away put an abrupt end to my workout regime. There is the occassional round of tennis with Darling Husband, plus walks with Little Dog, but nothing substantial.
So when I read that exercise — especially running — helps combat stress, I was very intrigued. Could I really take up running? Would it help to lower my stress levels? Some of the commenters said they hated it at first, but now they absolutely need to run in order to unwind.
So if, just say, I tried running and liked it, it could have the following benefits:
Hmmm …

2 Comments on “Baby, just run

  1. What about lunchtime walks? Then you'd get the benefits of exercise, time out of the office and time to gossip with a girlfriend who'd walk with you! 😉


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