Yes, we’re back … back again

Hello, bloggie friends!

Darling Husband and I are back from our vacay. We had a great trip in the dazzling U.S. of A., ate at an amazing roadside diner, went to Carls Jr. (ahem, twice), and took tons of photos and video.
As much as we heart America — because we are total U.S.A. groupies — we are happy to be home in a place where …
  • People have heard of our province. And like, our city and stuff.
  • People don’t look at us blankly when we try to explain where we live. You know, like in relation to a State, or an ocean.
  • We can use debit cards. Is this because we are Canadian, or does the U.S. just not like accepting debit cards? I’m intrigued.
Debit card fiascos aside, we really did have a wonderful time. The whole time we were away, I felt so relaxed. We had to keep our Blackberries turned off — as not to acrue insane roaming charges — and didn’t bring watches, so the days kind of melted together. I checked my e-mail only once (rather than 19,000,000 times per day). We did fun things together. We saw the sights.
I got to spend real, quality time with Darling Husband, rather than random snatches of time in between shifts.
And then … we came home.
I don’t know if it’s the time-change or the exhaustion or what, but I have been feeling very “off” ever since. The idea of going back to work tomorrow makes me feel … anxious. There is laundry everywhere. I am too tired to do the dishes.
The stress is boiling up inside of me. This is nothing new, but I’m noticing it because I was relaxed for five whole days. Just hours after we got home, I recognized the familiar feeling. I can’t believe I feel like this all the time. It’s horrible.
I think this “post-vacay crash” is probably not uncommon. But whatever it is, it’s making me re-evaluate everything. A few weeks ago, I said I was committed to not let stress affect me as much, and now I’m going one step further.
I am going to start enjoying myself more. I’m going to paint more. I’m going to focus more on my writing. I’m going to take Little Dog down to the lake more. I’m going to start doing more of whatever I feel like doing.
I may not be able to control my job — or its level of stress — but I’m going to start making the most out of my time. And hopefully, I can get a little bit of that “vacation feeling” back.

So what do you think?

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