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When it’s time to grow up and cook a damn turkey

Only grown-ups host Thanksgiving. That was my first thought when I heard hints that perhaps it was our turn to gather everyone together for turkey dinner. Us? Prepare and serve one of the fanciest meals of the year to a large group of relatives?… Continue Reading “When it’s time to grow up and cook a damn turkey”

Marriage, party of two

When I started this blog, we’d barely been married six months, and today we’re celebrating seven years of marriage — plus another eight years of being-together-ness, since we got hitched on our eight-year dating anniversary. So, for this week, I didn’t write about parenting… Continue Reading “Marriage, party of two”

Attack of the 10-day virus

I’m afraid to type that I’m better now, for fear that it will … *looks over shoulder* … come back for me. But I have to tell you about the last 10 days* … *This post is totally not sponsored by Imodium, but they are welcome to send… Continue Reading “Attack of the 10-day virus”