I’m a productive person.

Nothing feels better to me than crossing things off lists, taking care of little annoying things that have been bothering me, or tackling a project (especially a home organization or decor project, when I know I’ll appreciate the results again and again).

Darling Husband doesn’t get that same exhilaration as me, when it comes to productivity. He’s more of a relaxed type, who doesn’t try to build and decorate Rome in a day.

Which is why I feel kind of bad when I run him ragged on a rainy Sunday when the rest of the world (you know, most of my Facebook newsfeed) is watching movies in their jammies all day.
But he loves me, and he is a good, good man.

Which is why our basement now has three newly-purchased and installed shelves, three relocated shelves, and a relocated cabinet.

Yup, it’s true.

After nearly one year of living in our House of Dreams, and spending lots of time and energy on the top two floors, we are heading downtown. Basement City, population: us.

Be prepared to hear more basement talk — and see horrifying photos of the wreckage — over the coming weeks.

Spoiler: We have a ton of stuff. But don’t worry — I’m being ruthless!

Also: I have a dust allergy (a real one, not like my “pineapple allergy” or my “seafood allergy”) so Project: Basement is kind of killing me. But it’s worth it.

Organization, I’d take a bullet for you anyday!

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