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I love you like a pregnant chick loves tea biscuits

Five years ago today, on Valentine’s Day, Darling Husband (well, then he was Darling Boyfriend) presented me with a diamond engagement ring. Today? Not quite as romantic. The Toddler of Terror kept us up throughout the night screaming — SHRIEKING, actually — and they… Continue Reading “I love you like a pregnant chick loves tea biscuits”

My Husband Rocks Friday

Dear Darling Husband, Thanks for being my own personal moving man, and getting all of our belongings safely to the storage unit or here at Mom’s. I know we’ve moved in, and the long, sweaty days of moving and lugging furniture are over for now,… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks Friday”

Public service announcement: When your husband goes on vacation

I miss Darling Husband when he’s at work.But sometimes? When he’s home?He drives me friggin’ insane. I feel like a bitch even writing this! I love my husband like crazy! We’re coming up on our anniversary (three years married, 11 years together), and he’s… Continue Reading “Public service announcement: When your husband goes on vacation”

Not Me Monday: Date Night edition

Yesterday afternoon, Darling Husband and I went on a Date Night. Well, a Date Afternoon/Prevening. Because that’s what you do when you have a cranky teething/sick 11-month-old and you feel too guilty between away from him at bedtime (and fear no one will want… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday: Date Night edition”

Putting it out there

Change is really hard for me.So is uncertainty. Putting your home on the market is terrifying, especially when you are the kind of person who hates not knowing what’s going to happen. And that kind of person who worries constantly. And the kind of… Continue Reading “Putting it out there”