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The full-term itch

No, I’m not talking about a physical itch (luckily). I’m talking about that itchy feeling you get when you reach full-term status. That’s what I’m going through right now, and it … is not fun. In the past few days, whenever I watch TV… Continue Reading “The full-term itch”

The Pregnant Chick Who Went Crazy Over Bathroom Shelves: A Memoir

So, today I’m 36.5 weeks pregnant. The baby is arriving in precisely* 15 days. FIFTEEN DAYS, PEOPLE! (*Yes, precisely. If you’re new to the show, let’s re-cap: Our heroine is having a scheduled C-section, since last time she experienced a 17+ hour labour with a… Continue Reading “The Pregnant Chick Who Went Crazy Over Bathroom Shelves: A Memoir”

Dear husbands of the world …

Dear husbands of the world … Want to know the secret to a pregnant woman’s heart? And it doesn’t even involve taking her out to a restaurant or bringing home tea biscuits, Snickers bars, and potato chips from the grocery store? OK, I’ll tell… Continue Reading “Dear husbands of the world …”

Not Me Monday: Nesting lunacy edition

Yesterday, I did not go absolutely bonkers with nesting craziness — yes, even worse than a few weeks ago. I certainly didn’t shut myself in the nursery and manically paint the chair-rail — a delicious shade of pink called Candy Stripe — with two… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday: Nesting lunacy edition”

Not Me Monday: Nesting Insanity Edition

During the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I did not take advantage of my lighter workload go absolutely nuts with organizing everything I could get my not-yet-swollen hands on I did not buy a bunch of white basic bins at the Dollar Store… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday: Nesting Insanity Edition”