Everything looks brighter in the morning

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments and tweets in response to last week’s post.

I think most bloggers struggle with finding a way to write truthfully without crossing the line into Painful Truths. This post blurred the line, but it describes how I was/am feeling, and so it is what it is.

Darling Husband and I talked about it all, and we decided that yeah, things kind of suck right now. But we have two reasons why things are also so very, very good right now.

While played cards last night, we smiled and said one day we’ll look back and won’t believe there was ever a time when we were waiting to be able to afford a few cans of paint for the spackled dining room walls around us.

We will look back on how hard we worked and how much we struggled, when the kids were so little, and we will remember it as being on of the most awesome times of our lives. I know it.

One Comment on “Everything looks brighter in the morning

  1. You are so right and I am glad you feel better. These days will be replaced with new worries before you know it like driving ekkk!!!


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