Half-way to 50 … or Sweet 16?

My little sister thinks I’m old.

She also thinks I am a lot younger than her.

You see, I am 25 — I would add “and-a-half” here, but that would make me sound seven — and she is 21. That’s only a four-year difference, but to her, I might as well be 37 … or nine.
To Sis, my “oldness” comes from the fact that Darling Husband and I have been an old married couple since Grade 11. From my obsession with ladyish dresses, skirts and cardigans. From my weekly raw-vegetable-chopping-and-bagging — which she still talks about with a horrified expression.
But in a lot of ways, she thinks I am young for my age. My taste in music seems to have plateaued at “13-year-old girl.” I love Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Demi Lovato, High School Musical, Camp Rock, etc. I still read Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books when I need something comforting. I am never without Love Heart candies. I love dolls and Goldfish crackers and Mary-Jane shoes.
There is a lot of jabber on the internet about the “right” age to have a baby. People argue you should be older and more financially secure, and other people argue you should do it while you’re young, because things keep getting more expensive all the time.
I go back and forth with how old I feel. Some days I feel like 25 is young, and some people wait another 10 years before having a baby. And other days (most days, if I’m being honest), I’m like omigod-my-baby-making-years-are-passing-me-by!
Really, there is no magic age or level of maturity. If I get pregnant at 25, some people will tell me — or say behind my back — that I’m too young. And if I wait a few years, some people will pressure me and say I’m holding off too long.
You just have to do what feels right! Chances are, I will be that mom at the park who always carries Love Hearts in her purse, and is really, really knowledgeable about the lastest preteen sensation … 

2 Comments on “Half-way to 50 … or Sweet 16?

  1. I’ve often wondered about this, too. Lots of people thought we were young to get married at 23 and 24, but the time was right for us. So, why shouldn’t we have babies when the time is right for us, too? Lots of people say you’ll “just know” when you’re ready. But I’m skeptical. Some days I feel like I’m totally ready and wanting to start our family, and other days I feel like we need more time to prepare. In the end, I’m still shrugging my shoulders at the whole thing.


  2. Nicely put, newlyb! We took some heat for getting engaged at 23/25, but people eventually realized that we knew what we were getting into! There will always be ppl who think you are too old/too young for things — it’s just a matter of opinion.


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