Baby corn, baby shrimp … see a pattern?

Remember the episode of Full House when Rebecca tells Jesse she’s pregnant, and she makes that dinner of baby corn, baby shrimp, and baby back ribs? And then she eventually tells him through charades?
Welllll, always the ones to get ahead of ourselves, Darling Husband and I have been talking about ways to announce the big news … you know, once there is news to tell.

His big plan — if we got pregnant sometime in the fall — was to wait until Christmas and wrap up baby-type gifts for our parents, and have them unwrap them. Surprise! Everyone is happy, etc.
While his idea was super-cute, I pointed out that me and my big mouth could not keep a secret that long. I wouldn’t tell the world right away, but I would certainly tell my Mama Bear and Sister Bear the second I suspected anything.
My idea on how to announce it came just a few weeks ago, during a routine fabric-buying spree with L

My mother l-o-v-e-s Paris, and when I saw this print, I flipped. It is so perfectly Mom. 
So I immediately decided that I would make a baby blanket with this print, embroider it with something like “J’aime ma grand-mere,” and give it to her whenever I announce the good news. 
I will also make a custom blanket dedicated to Little Sis — “I love my Auntie.” They can keep the blankets, and use them whenever they baby-sit!
Hmm, just realized I am not even preggo and am already lining up baby-sitters …

So what do you think?

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