Showing support for Team Preggo

Oh … my … God …

After worrying and worrying over what her reaction would be, I finally carpe diem-ed and told my mother that we are going to try to get pregnant this summer.
And … she … was … totally calm!
I really do owe Best Friend, for laying the groundwork last week. By placing bets with my mom that I would get knocked up within a month of her wedding, she seems to have gotten her used to the idea.
Last night, I screwed up my courage and told her our tentative plan, and she just calmly said she bet $100 against a July conception, but her money was on August or September.
I almost swerved off the road! I was/am so, so happy she is OK with the whole thing. It has taken away that lingering worry that she was going to try and talk me out of it.
Ironically enough, this was the exact same stretch of highway where, eight years ago, I meekly told her I wanted to go on the pill. I was nervous telling her I wanted to start, and I was nervous telling her I wanted to stop. 
Really, do we ever stop caring what our mothers think?

2 Comments on “Showing support for Team Preggo

  1. The answer to that is no 🙂 But that’s OK. I’m sure you’ll want your daughter to always care what you think, right?


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