Holiday traditions

Happy Easter, my super-special, much-loved readers! I had a nice Easter with my mom and sis, and Darling Husband had a good time with the in-laws.

We have always separated for the holidays, so that neither of us miss seeing our ‘rents and sibs. A lot of our friends think that’s weird. They think we should do the take-turnsies thing that they all do, where you spend Thanksgiving with one family, Christmas with the other family, and then reverse next year.
The thought of spending Christmas away from my fam has always made me a bit hysterical, so Hubby and I have continued to do our divide-and-consquer strategy. And I’ve always been very happy with it.
But … yes, with me, there is always a but (and a butt) …
Last night, Little Dog and I trooped in — with much luggage — from our brief stay at my mom’s, and Darling Husband trooped in — minus any luggage — from his stay at his parents’ place. Our condo was cold and dark. There were no groceries in the fridge. There were no Easter decorations.
We sat in our living room, a bit exhausted from the overdose of family fun. We felt the same inkling that we’d felt last Christmas. We we were looking forward to having our own holiday, with our own traditions, and our own family
I want to buy those little hollow plastic eggs, and fill them with treats — and stay up late, laughing with Darling Husband as we hide them. I want to decorate an Easter basket for everyone, so they can carry it around and use it to collect their treats. I want to dig out art supplies for egg-decorating, and make ones covered in glitter and googly eyes and finger paint and anything we can find. I want to make a special Easter breakfast.
Even though Darling Husband and I have been together for almost nine years — and married for almost one — I think never spending the holidays together is keeping us from feeling 100% like a “family.” 
By the time next Easter rolls around, our first baby will hopefully be on the way. And I can’t wait to start making traditions of our own!

2 Comments on “Holiday traditions

  1. I hope that’s true and you can start your traditions. We are totally the opposite. We spend most holidays together, and not with our families (mostly because of our jobs keeping us here in town). We do spend Christmas with my fam because his live across the country and its too expensive to travel during the holidays (lucky me!). But I also can’t wait till I can be the bunny, for more than just him.


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