Category: How do I not already have kids?

Can you say ‘Matisse’?

Just floated back in from another excursion at my oh-so-favourite used bookshop. I’ve already bought numerous books for le bebe, but I should specify that I am very choosey in my selections. The store is crammed with books, but I know exactly which ones… Continue Reading “Can you say ‘Matisse’?”

Scenes from our kitchen

ME: Um … Darling Husband, what kind of apples are these? … DARLING HUSBAND:  Green ones. Like you wanted. ME: Why do they have Buzz Lightyear on the bag? DARLING HUSBAND: Uh … I don’t know. ME: Did you buy me toddler apples? DARLING… Continue Reading “Scenes from our kitchen”

Veggie tales

ME: Yeah, Little Sis came over while I was doing my weekly vegetable chop. I do it every Sunday evening. I take out carrots, celery, broccoli and green beans, and chop everything up, and make individual baggies of raw veggies …  *SILENCE* ME: …… Continue Reading “Veggie tales”


Just watched Marley & Me with Darling Husband. It was very good, even though I sobbed all over Little Dog.  I’ve said it before, and now I feel compelled to say it again: dogs are kids-in-training. In the movie, when John bought Marley for… Continue Reading “Fur-babies”

Is it really that obvious?

SCENE: Mom’s kitchen. Sunday evening. ME: It’s so cute! Little Dog actually thinks she’s a bear cub. Sometimes I called her “Brown Bear,” and I tell her that I found her in the woods and she was lost. And then I tell her that I… Continue Reading “Is it really that obvious?”