Veggie tales

ME: Yeah, Little Sis came over while I was doing my weekly vegetable chop. I do it every Sunday evening. I take out carrots, celery, broccoli and green beans, and chop everything up, and make individual baggies of raw veggies … 
ME: … you know, so we can take them to work everyday? As a snack?

MOM: That is the most boring thing I have ever heard. (TO LITTLE SIS) You had to watch her do that?

LITTLE SIS: Yes! It was disturbing!
MOM: God.
LITTLE SIS: I’m not going to be like that when I’m 25, right?
MOM: No, definitely not.
ME: Um, ow!

4 Comments on “Veggie tales

  1. Dropping in from SITS to say hi! My response to this post would be – are you really that disciplined? Kudos to you!


  2. Haha thanks, Lanie. I’m not sure if it’s discipline or just my OC tendencies, but yup, every Sunday!


  3. That is boring and also very similar to how I spend my weekend. Cooking up food for the week so we have snacks while I am cooking dinner. Yeah, I think we may be boring and really needing kids to spice up our lives (and make them a little less predictable).


  4. Haha yup, I think we are definitely boring — and that kids will spice things up for sure. Here’s to our 2010 babies!


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