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A Tale of Two Leggings

SCENE: This morning at our house BACK STORY: Little D (age three) attends a weekly gymnastics class for three- to five-year-olds (yes, at the same place where I put myself through gymnasticky torture of the adult variety).  Anyway, they have a lot of rules… Continue Reading “A Tale of Two Leggings”

Love Day / Love this day

Six years ago today, Darling Husband popped the question! Valentine’s Day at our house means … Dressing C in the red “All you need is love and naps” onesie that D wore on *his* very first Valentine’s Day  Dressing D in an ugly-but-appropriate Valentine-y… Continue Reading “Love Day / Love this day”

My Husband Rocks Friday: Our Organized Toy Wall

I haven’t done one of these posts in ages (as my husband likes to remind me), but that doesn’t mean he’s been anything less than awesome!   Here is our latest accomplishment — taking items we already had (like an old entertainment unit), wrangling… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks Friday: Our Organized Toy Wall”

Homemade play kitchen from a desk

As promised, here’s the post on how Darling Husband and I turned a $25 Kijiji find (an old schooldesk) into a cute play kitchen for the kiddos as their “Something to Play With” Christmas gift.   Here’s how we did it …   Forgive… Continue Reading “Homemade play kitchen from a desk”


I’m a productive person. Nothing feels better to me than crossing things off lists, taking care of little annoying things that have been bothering me, or tackling a project (especially a home organization or decor project, when I know I’ll appreciate the results again… Continue Reading “Productivity”