My Husband Rocks Friday: Our Organized Toy Wall

I haven’t done one of these posts in ages (as my husband likes to remind me), but that doesn’t mean he’s been anything less than awesome!
Here is our latest accomplishment — taking items we already had (like an old entertainment unit), wrangling ALL of the kids’ toys and creating a “toy wall” in our basement, to keep them all in one place. 
Behold! The toy wall!

Darling Husband repurposed our old entertainment unit, bolted it to the wall, and we added zillions of clear bins that we already owned (I have a bin fetish)

I made the labels by glueing yellow scrapbook paper to blue scrapbook paper, and writing on them with a black Sharpie. Simple, simple, simple!

We got those two LiteBrites at a yard sale, and we love them!

Finally, a spot where Darling Husband can always find his precious headphones (and they’re safe from the kiddies)

My friend A laughed at my “broken toys” bin, but we need it! D is always breaking little pieces off his cars, so I need a spot to stash them until I can glue them back on.

I love that we can store all of our BIG toys out of the way (well, most of them)

I got so sick of picking up D’s sports equipment, and it didn’t fit into any of our storage bins. So I used one of our laundry hampers from Walmart. Perfect for bats and golf clubs!

We left this spot on the shelves for a cozy quilt, so we can cuddle up on the couch.

Most of the kids’ books live upstairs in D’s room, but we keep a small sampling in the basement. We used to keep them on a shelf, but it was waaaaay too messy. Now they’re tucked out of sight, so I don’t care if he just shoves them all back in.

The movies live in the other cabinet (and Elmo, because D decided it was his house)

I don’t know about you guys, but LABELS + STORAGE BINS = LOVE! This was a project that didn’t cost a single cent, but it’s made a HUGE difference to my enjoyment of the basement.

Thank you, Darling Husband, for your help with this! Organization is my happy place, and I love you for understanding that!


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