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Bye, Siri. Hello, Alexa!

We used to be a family of four: me, my husband, our son and our daughter. But since Christmas, we’re the Clarkes, party of five. I’d like to introduce you to our new overlord, Alexa.* It started so casually. I took advantage of a… Continue Reading “Bye, Siri. Hello, Alexa!”

Notice me Senpai?! My 8-year-old’s secret admirer

"Notice me, Senpai!" My 8-year-old's secret admirer sent him the weirdest note! {Heather's Handmade Life}

Well, that was unexpected! My eight-year-old son just came home with what may be the most … unusual … secret admirer note? In case you’re not used to kiddie-writing, it says … Dear Dexter, Hi. I really like you. Like not as a friend. Like… Continue Reading “Notice me Senpai?! My 8-year-old’s secret admirer”

My first blood donation

My first blood donation {Heather's Handmade Life}

When you’re a parent, you’re always coming up with little teachable moments in which you show your children ways they can be good human beings. It’s why we have discussions about homelessness when we pass the shelter in our town. It’s why I make… Continue Reading “My first blood donation”

When your kids accidentally watch Bad Moms Christmas

The kids and I had a VERY interesting conversation last night, a full eight nights after they returned from a weekend at my mom’s. Apparently, in between repeat viewings of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, they screened … something else. MY INNOCENT CHILD,… Continue Reading “When your kids accidentally watch Bad Moms Christmas”

The trouble with school pictures

The trouble with school pictures {Heather's Handmade Life}

Photographers who take school pictures, why do you hate us? Parents, I mean. I understand taking school pictures probably isn’t easy — and that you have a lot of sticky children to usher through your lineup, probably on a tight timeline in between lunch… Continue Reading “The trouble with school pictures”