Love Day / Love this day

Six years ago today, Darling Husband popped the question!
Valentine’s Day at our house means …
  • Dressing C in the red “All you need is love and naps” onesie that D wore on *his* very first Valentine’s Day 
  • Dressing D in an ugly-but-appropriate Valentine-y T-shirt I just happened to find in a bin of clothing last week
  • Sweet treats waiting at every place at the breakfast table (Swedish fish for Mama, Cherry Blasters for Daddy, candy bracelets for D, and Gerber yogurt puffs for C)
  • A little set of paints/stamps for D
  • A shiny new pink and purple cup for C
  • Me going around the table proclaiming what I love about each of my special people (and then doing it on behalf of C and D) while Darling Husband rolls his eyes at my mushy-ness
  • Lovingly retelling the story of how Darling Husband proposed to me six years ago, today (best Valentine’s Day gift — one that keeps on giving, i.e. diamond rings)
  • Eating fresh banana bread that is gobbled before it even gets cut into heart shapes
  • Making big plans for heart-shaped lunch foods in the cute silicone muffin tin we’ve been using lately
  • Writing a list for Darling Husband so he can pop out to the store for delicious grown-up appetizers to eat as our dinner tonight (Helllllloooo, spinach and artichoke dip with fresh bread!)
  • Darling Husband offering to do lovely (long-overdue) errands, like taking our minivan for its something-something (Inspection? Check? Diamond Kote something?) because he knows it will make me happy

Our lovely toddler craft wreath

The felt banner I sewed when I was pregnant with D

I love this $2 gem. LOVE IT!

The M and H letters are actually a permanent fixture on our hutch, but I love them especially at Valentine’s Day — coupled with our foam hearts.

D’s lunch from last Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone has a love-ly Valentine’s Day!


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