A Tale of Two Leggings

SCENE: This morning at our house
BACK STORY: Little D (age three) attends a weekly gymnastics class for three- to five-year-olds (yes, at the same place where I put myself through gymnasticky torture of the adult variety). 
Anyway, they have a lot of rules about what the kids can’t wear — no jeans, no cords, etc. — and the little girls have no problems, because they can wear fancy little leotards or cute leggings. 
The boys all wear sweatpants or track pants, but D doesn’t own those (except one pair of too-small sweatpants for sick days). He doesn’t own them because I’m weird and I don’t like any of us to wear sweatpants in public. I KNOW, HE’S A KID, I GET IT. But he’s my kid, and he wears jeans or cords or khakis. End of story.
So after weeks of bringing D to class in a pair of black track-pantish pants that I had bought specifically for the class — like for $5 at Walmart — I wanted something better. On Halloween, the kids had to wear gym-appropriate costumes, and since he couldn’t wear his farmer costume jeans or button-up, I sent him in last year’s Sir Topham Hatt costume … with, er, C’s leggings on.
And you know what? They were freaking PERFECT for gymnastics! *evil laugh*
So the other day, when C and I were traipsing through Walmart, I MAY HAVE slipped a pair of 5T black leggings into the cart, paid for them, and brought them home.
That brings us to this morning, when I was getting D ready for gymnastics … 

ME: OK, let’s put on your SPECIAL NEW GYMNASTICS PANTS, yayyyy!

D: Yay! My new pants!

DARLING HUSBAND: What’s he wearing?

ME: Gymnastics-y sportsy pants.

DARLING HUSBAND: Did you buy those in the girls’ section?

ME: They’re 5T!

*(Not sure why I felt that was an answer to that question?)*

DARLING HUSBAND: Are they leggings?

ME: They’re SPORTY PANTS for active boys!



In the end, of course, they were practical and fantastic. Go, leggings! The pants for ALL!

2 Comments on “A Tale of Two Leggings

  1. Ha! This made me laugh out loud. My hubby is always so appalled when I do anything remotely girl-ish with our boys. Good luck with gymnastics for all of you! 🙂


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