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When moms follow (mom)trends

Understatement of the century: I am not a trendy and/or stylish person. I am a super basic dresser — jeans, striped tops and sweaters, and don’t forget the uncool winter boots that I wear eight months out of the year (replaced with flats or… Continue Reading “When moms follow (mom)trends”

A Tale of Two Leggings

SCENE: This morning at our house BACK STORY: Little D (age three) attends a weekly gymnastics class for three- to five-year-olds (yes, at the same place where I put myself through gymnasticky torture of the adult variety).  Anyway, they have a lot of rules… Continue Reading “A Tale of Two Leggings”

Easy sewing project: toddler dress from Daddy’s uniform shirt

Follow me on Pinterest! Darling Husband wears a uniform to his job (which may be able to tell by the logo, is with this company). So when D was a baby, I added a little logo to one of his navy onesies to make… Continue Reading “Easy sewing project: toddler dress from Daddy’s uniform shirt”

Wordless Wednesday: Summer baby style

Who needs clothes for yourself, when you can have THIS MUCH FUN picking out baby outfits? It’s budget-friendly, especially when you don’t even buy them. Thanks for the eye candy, Old Navy!

Bin there, done that — binnin’ it better this time

When I was pregnant the first time around (with Baby Boy — now known as the Toddler of Terror), I thought I was being very organized. I had all his 0-3 month clothes stored in baskets beneath his changing table — he didn’t actually… Continue Reading “Bin there, done that — binnin’ it better this time”